Building products for a more connected world

MoApp is your partner in this connected world, ensuring your project is at the technical fore-front by providing development services and taking on the full development of your project or by providing top consulting talent to augment your core team of developers. Our consultants specialize in initiatives int the top virtual and augmented reality platforms as well as the top mobile platforms.

Overview of our main services

  • Virtual Reality

    Work with our talented team to create a VR experience for your brand that will wow your clients.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality adds virtuality to our reality. Use the mixed-reality of AR to create experiences your customers have only imagined of.

  • Android Application Development

    Whether it is an app in the app store or a product built on the Android platform, MoApp has extensive Android development experience to help you differentiate your product.

  • On-site Consulting

    Add instant power! Horsepower in the form of MoApp Consultants working on-site to complement your core team. We can provide the resources to help you complete your project quickly and efficiently, under your direction, allowing you to focus on development and not dealing with HR issues.


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