Who We Are

MoApp is a leading provider of mobile and virtual reality development services

Mobile apps have been essential aspects to most successful businesses over the past decade. They serve as the top medium for interaction with your clients. Whether your client interaction is business-to-consumer or business-to-business, a killer mobile solution will give you an edge over your competition. And, now virtual reality experiences are quickly becoming an additional required way to create compelling consumer interactions for your brand. If you really want to reach your consumers in an unprecedented way, then VR brings an experience and interaction level which was purely a day-dream a short few years ago. VR is simply a solution you can start on today that cannot be matched with traditional mediums.

MoApp is your partner in this space, ensuring your project is at the technical forefront by providing development services and taking on the full development of your project or by providing top consulting talent to augment your core team of developers. Our consultants specialize in initiatives ranging from the top virtual and augmented reality platforms to the top mobile platforms.